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location you can see at hawthorne and high not far from downtown palo alto and university. katie marzullo is there live. >> reporter: right now officers are on the scene investigating in the -- inside the apartment, presumably looking for clues as to how this man got in. elsewhere units are searching. video from earlier when k-9 units were combing the area they covered several blocks looking for the man but did not find him. around 2:20 this morning a woman in her 20s told police she woke to a man inside her apartment. she screamed and he ran out. the only description of him that police are giving us is that he was wearing dark clothing. >> being thorough, obviously this is a serious crime. this something that happens often. as a matter of fact this is an isolated incident as far as we are concerned now. >> reporter: also right now the woman is at the police
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station being interviewed. police hope they will learn more about what happened here in the middle of the night. to that end, they are interviewing neighbors. live in palo alto, katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:01. notice she was high and dry there. >> yes, but there is a possibility for showers this morning, right? >> that's right. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. waking to light showers north bay by kelseyville, cloverdale, damp in sonoma, napa, a few light showers south around marin, showers remain pretty much far off the coast because the main activity look to the north this is where we have heavy showers, rain, thunderstorms, gusty winds. this is what is heading south throughout the day today long the coast a chance of showers throughout much of the day. then the rain becomes likely
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throughout the evening hours with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s about the same deal around the bay, slight chance of showers mid 50s to about 60 renegade shower becoming likely after 7:00 and inland mild numbers lots of clouds around, once again showers overnight tonight. good morning. if your commute takes from you the east bay to the peninsula, via san mateo bridge, looking good now, tail lights towards foster city, 13 to 14 minutes to get across the span either direction eastbound looking good too. southbound out of marin over the waldo through the rainbow tunnel waldo tunnel looking nice, no fog, no traffic coming into san francisco, a little bit of wet roads with isolated showers through marin. san leandro, accident with a truck, 26 foot truck plowed into parked cars at east 14th and 162nd avenue, amy hollyfield is headed there.
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new accident north 680 before 80 at cordelia junction car in center divide. 6:03. san francisco list have a wanted federal parolee in custody after a standoff. police recognized the man yesterday on monterey boulevard. he took off and collided with a police car. the parolee's car was found after somebody phoned in a tip. police confirmed he was in a house on appleton avenue and set up a perimeter with the s.w.a.t. team, he surrendered. live doppler tracking storm two being expected to arrive fully tonight sonoma county residents and businesses are getting ready nearly an inch of rain fell in downtown petaluma yesterday. some in low-lying areas are not taking chances. one family has been packing sandbags to protect their business just in case they have experience with flooding suffering major damage during the new year's day flood of
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2005. >> the water was in this whole area, the rain was immense and this building happens to be at the base, all the structures around us are elevated a few feet but there's water here like being in the valley. >> west of santa rosa in the town of occidental, trees fell yesterday on ground that is already saturated. authorities are preparing for more downed trees because they expect the next two storms to pack a stronger punch. in san francisco, city workers are preparing for the next storm with sandbags they brought them in yesterday to protect businesses and homes in the mission district. the neighborhood is a former lagoon and rainwater trickles down from other neighborhoods the city has a multi-million dollar plan in the works to help keep the mission from flooding. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the storms getting ready to hit the bay area. you can track the storm yourself any time with live doppler 7 hd on general petraeus has
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admitted to a close friend that he screwed up royally over the affair with his biographer paula broadwell. in his most frank comments, petraeus confided in an old army friend general shelton. petraeus told him in a letter resigning from the cia was the right thing to do. u.n. ambassador rice is facing more republican criticism for statements she made following the consulate attack in libya. rice met with senate republicans over the past two days to answer their questions. this latest opposition comes from moderate republican senator susan collins of maine over whether rice should be nominated to be the next secretary of state. the two had a private meeting yesterday and collins says, she questioned rice on her term as assistant secretary for african affairs in the clinton administration. your morning commute, mostly dry. what about your afternoon
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commute? traffic and weather together next on the abc7 morning news looking good on the golden gate bridge. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full for . also will check in with sue hall. maker of iphone, ipad and other gadgets
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good thursday morning. wet pavement in the north bay some spreading south into marin county highway 101 by cloverdale wet with light showers also clear lake and we've had a few showers into marin county. here's what is to come another strong system in fact this one will be stronger winds, all sinking south throughout the day today, heaviest rain in the north bay flout the afternoon. 1:00 today -- just scattered showers around much of the bay by the evening commute, a few showers, rain heavy tonight, temperatures today in the 60s. >> good morning. showers now in the north bay san rafael coming out of past lucas valley road out of novato towards civic center, nice no issues with headlights towards lincoln boulevard if you go to the metering lights lights are on bay bridge toll just a couple minutes ago i was light, now you can see the
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damage is done backed towards the west grand overcrossing, little sluggish upper deck into san francisco, overturned vehicle 121 at 128 cleared. 6:10. >> apple is getting ready for a south bay expansion. energy drinks under scrutiny. outside help the fda may be turning to, to figure out if it is safe for consumers. texting and data can add up to hundreds. michael finney and come --
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good thursday morning. waking up to dry skies in the city, but there are light showers in the north, sunrise at 7:05 we won't be seeing much of that in the next several days. storm number two on the way today, this one here going to sink south throughout the afternoon most of the rain throughout the day in the north bay by the evening overnight, getting into heavy rain, gusty winds and a look at more wet weather for your weekend, coming up. 6:13. cupertino-based apple is expanding offices to a third south bay city. apple has struck a deal with a developer for a two building campus in santa clara on stevens creek boulevard near the cupertino city border the site could accommodate more than 1200 workers and the first building could be completed in 18 months. more people starting small businesses. study found 29 million started
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new businesses in 2011, 60% increase from 2010. the study says the uptick is a sign more are confident about the economy. also cautions some chose to start their own businesses because they couldn't find other jobs. economists have said the economy won't fully recover until small businesses pick up the pace of hiring. this morning the fda may be ready to turn to outside experts for advice on energy drinks. in the last month monster and five hour energy have come under scrutiny. now "the new york times" reports the fda may turn to experts from the institute of medicine and other agencies to determine whether those drinks pose a safety risk to consumers. this is a sign the fda does not plan to take immediate action on energy drinks. average american household spends more than $1500 every year on cell phone service. there are ways to save.
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michael finney and consumer reports look at prepaid options. >> reporter: good morning. if you're looking to save on your cell phone bill, consumer reports says a prepaid plan maybe your best option. it seems like everyone is on a smartphone these days. and we are paying big bucks for all that connectivity. >> average american household more than 1500 this year on phones and services. the biggest spenders easily spent twice that. >> reporter: consumer reports says a prepaid plan can be a smart way to save. >> 2/3 of our subscribers who switched to prepaid service knocked $20 or more off their monthly costs. >> reporter: prepaid services are offered from companies like tracfone and straight talk, big providers also offer prepaid plans. >> prepaid plans are pay as
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you go or a monthly allocation of minutes. some have unlimited plans. you may pay more upfront for the phone but you can save in the long run. >> reporter: the phones offered with prepaid plans used to be basics some carriers now offer smartphones the galaxy s 3 available from metro pcs and iphone five from cricket wireless, another prepaid company if you don't need the latest smart tone, consumer reports recommends straight talk's prepaid plans available through wal-mart. >> it interesting that people in our survey were happier with straight talk than with contract service from any of the major carriers. >> reporter: straight talk has several plans, including $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data, half the price of verizon's cheapest unlimited plan. another tip, when you are coming off a contract, if you have a phone you like, ask if you can transfer the phone to
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a prepaid plan with your current carrier or had you carrier? you can get the same service you have been getting but pay a lot less. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> bet you are wondering who are the lucky few getting showers now? >> i think we are all wondering. >> they are lucky because they are light showers and they are going to increase the winds are going to increase, flooding concerns by the weekend then we are still looking at a third system to head our way late saturday into should be the last one. live doppler, you lucky folks this the north bay, cloverdale, clear lake, a few light returns as you head down highway 101 cobb mountain, you may run into showers there have been a few often coast this will remain widely -- a few off the coast, this will remain widely scattered. 58 redwood city, mild start and we are looking at breezy
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winds in oakland out of the southeast at 17, gusting to 21 half moon bay these will continue to increase throughout the latter half of the day by overnight, rain and wind, big time again right on through your friday morning commute, widely scattered showers once again for saturday, flooding concerns several inches of rain in the north bay with this system it does favor the north bay, but still we are looking at more rain than what we saw yesterday many high surf advisory from the north coast through san francisco, 15 to 16 foot swells and the second system on cue for thursday into friday then a lot showers really not going to stop, this is the next system saturday night into sunday. here's the timeline, 1:00 this afternoon, showers scattered around the central bay, heaviest rain north bay, afternoon and evening commute getting wetter overnight hours very wet, 5:00 tomorrow morning, heavy rain the front
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doesn't push through until noontime, plenty of showers behind it this takes us through saturday morning. here comes the last system that brings more heavy rain, more gusty winds. we will be looking at this in terms of several inches of rain perhaps up to 10 inches in the highest elevations of our north bay mountains. three to six inches sonoma, napa through saturday inch and a half to three inches this is just the second system, up to six inches in the santa cruz mountains high elevation snow with 12 to 30 inches above 7,000 feet through 4:00 tomorrow morning and look ahead, temperatures don't change too much, second system tonight into tomorrow, saturday night into sunday, finally we dry out. good morning. happy thursday, if you are in san jose drive takes you northbound 85, light drive this is past hp pavillion and julian exit at the limit in san jose northbound 680 cordelia junction before you reach highway 80 car in center
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divide. some of your drive times now highway 4 not bad out of antioch, bunching up and speeds pick up towards 242 in concord. out of santa rosa towards novato 20 minutes, nice dry 84 the dumbarton bridge towards university avenue. a look at our waze app, looking at mountain view area 101 both directions moderate in the northbound direction, by one of our traffic spotters into san jose montague expressway, santa clara moderate, no delays traveling towards 237 looking good, if you would like to navigate your commute, you can download this free app on apple's app store or google play >> 6:21. >> bay area linebacker now off the roster. push towards parenthood, prince william and his wife are receiving aspect builds on a new addition for the couple.
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>> katie talks to rod stewart at 3 p.m., right here on
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good morning starting out wet in the north bay from highway 101 cloverdale wet through cobb mountain and clear lake most of the activity is offshore, mild temperatures, breezy winds to start out, upper 50s
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throughout most of the bay, the rain sinks south throughout the day today, widely scattered showers, then they become more concentrated with gutsy winds overnight through friday morning more scattered showers but the third system holds off until late saturday into sunday. let's take a look at the top searches on google: all about the lottery. florida lottery, power ball, winning power ball numbers and winners. this comes after last night's big power ball drawing worth more than 500 million dollars there are two winners one in missouri and the other in arizona. prince william and his wife are getting a push towards parenthood, the couple toured a hospital in cambridge yesterday. one young mother gave a gift to the couple, a homemade romper with the words daddy's little co-pilot many speculation has been building that they will soon have their
6:25 am
first child. the couple will celebrate two years of marriage in april. linebacker mcclean could be released from the team today. he was held out of practice yesterday because of an undis-- undisclosed team-related issue. he's still on the roster this morningn├▒ he said on his facebook page he's no longer a raider. with or without mcclean we are getting ready forayers day december 6th, pregame -- at 5 we'll broadcast the game against the broncos at the coliseum we want to see your team pride, e-mail your fan photos to u--- urecord. we'll show them on air during raiders day next thursday following two breaking news stories. a truck smashes into several
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parked cars in the east >> young woman in palo alto wakes up to a frightening discovery in her home. we jut told you about the big power ball drawing. california missed out this time around. could the golden state be getting ready to play the game? we'll explain. good morning. live look at the bay bridge toll, carpool lanes getting by nicely otherwise traffic backing past overcrossing towards the macarthur maze. gusty winds still out there this morning take extra care. we'll be back with your full commute coming up.
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>> good thursday morning november 29th. we see towards san francisco it is dry right now, there are isolated showers but get ready for later on. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. it is the calm before the storm. good morning. live doppler 7 hd this morning shows the main rain in the north bay this is very light from highway 1, cloverdale and clear lake, a few showers through san rafael, novato now mainly offshore. we have a system cuing up to the north of us spreading very heavy rain along the north coast this is what spread south throughout the day our second system will bring heavy rain tonight into tomorrow. as you head out today, cloudy skies, chance of showers upper 50s to low 60s at our coast around the bay the same, mild, a little breezy in spots, isolated showers, then more widespread throughout the evening. evening commute could be
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rain and the morning hours shouldn't be bad, once the rain starts getting going again, not going to stop right through the weekend sis/ second system today, for now a little break out there good morning. hayward towards foster city, live look at the san mateo bridge tail lights towards the incline section and highrise i should say moving at the limit, a little sluggish on the flat portion of the span, 15 minute drive from hayward, clawiter toll towards san mateo southbound 101 past civic center busier, light to the golden gate bridge no problems coming into san francisco. look at mass transit, everyone on time great way to get around no delays. new accident eastbound eight -- 80 at cordelia, big rig
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stalled in lane three, one of middle lanes. >> breaking news in alameda county, a large truck has smashed into a parking lot in san leandro. amy hollyfield just got to the scene. what does it look like amy? >> reporter: are you ready for this one? the driver says it was because of a sneezing attack. he told officers he started sneezing and then he may have pulled the steering wheel right and that's what caused him to crash. here's his struck, still stuck on the sidewalk. he was driving this big dump truck. now look at video that we have of the cars that he crashed into. this happened on east 14th street here in san leandro, just before 5:00 this morning. he crashed into nine cars, he is okay. no one else was involved. he first crashed into a parked truck on the street then he kept going and shoved that
6:32 am
truck into the parking lot with all these cars in it, nine cars damaged. he also did spill diesel fuel when he crashed, caltrans is here to clean that up. that's going to take a first they want to tow that truck out because they can clone it up. -- they can clean it up. northbound klain closed for another hour. -- northbound lane closed for another hour. police do not plan to write him a ticket, not illegal to sneeze they say it looks like this was an accident. they just gotta get it cleaned up and then it will be wrapped up. live from san leandro, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. more breaking news, police still searching palo alto area for a man after a woman woke to a frightening discovery overnight. katie marzullo isly at hawthorne and high a -- high street. >> reporter: the search is ongoing for this suspect.
6:33 am
police have called off the dogs, but they are continuing to look for the man all they will say is he is wearing dark clothing. video from earlier this morning, you can see the k-9 units searched several blocks in the area of hawthorne and high in palo alto. the victim a woman in her 20s is at the police station. after they interview her they hope to know more what happened she woke up to a man in her apartment, she screamed and he took off. police won't say how go into their home but they are at the apartment investigating they've roped it off as a crime scene. they are also calling this an isolated incident for this area. also, a very serious crime as they continue their search. palo alto, katie marzullo, abc7 news. back to our storm watch coverage. crews in daly city expected to
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take advantage of this morning's lull in the weather continue expect a hillside that gave way in a water main break the rain we are expecting starting tonight raising new concern that more of this hillside hage way. the november 13th, rupture let loose, 45,000 gallons of water leashed huge mudslide crews have about out there replacing the 5,000 yards of soil. next storm expected to hit the north bay hard there could be problems like the ones we saw yesterday with the first system. flooding in mill valley mid-morning yesterday cars in the lot at the park and ride near highway 101 sitting in water because heavy rain combined with high tide this picture sent from a viewer, a tree fell on top of a truck in newark. as the storms continue throughout the week e-mail your photos to ureport or share them with us on facebook or twitter. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of this
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string of storms coming up we check back with meteorologist lisa argen and you can track the storm yourself any time with a look at live doppler at biggest power ball jackpot in his, california may be getting in on the game played in 42 other states. lottery officials expected to adopt regulations to join power ball on the heels of last night's 579 million dollar jackpot, two tickets sold in arizona and missouri. the winner is in the kansas city region. 6:36. traffic and weather together, next. live look at san mateo bridge which is dry now but how much longer will that be true? meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast. sue hall checking traffic around the bay area. the event bringing mitt romney and president obama together today
6:36 am
for the first time since the end of presidential election.
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good thursday morning. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada, temperatures are going to be warm, mid to upper 40s throughout the weekend, over light lows in the mid 30s, another series of storms headed our way. here's live doppler 7 hd right now wet weather up through lakeport, clear lake and a few light showers through east brokaw road, san jose, there will be showers around today, but the main energy and the next storm system is up to the north, all going to sag south this brings heavy rain, gusty winds throughout the evening. 1:00, most of the activity sonoma county, breezy southeast winds 10 to 20 miles an hour.
6:39 am
by 5:00, more showers, the frontal band doesn't push through until overnight, today low to mid 60s. moderate right now, a couple of incidents, east shore freeway traveling towards richmond, where that 580 merges on to 80, bunched up past golden gate fields. sluggish into the macarthur maze no major stalls or accidents. north 880 before fruitvale stalled big rig second lane from the right, going to be stuck there for some time, you can see very slow past fruitvale avenue northbound some of your drive times this morning altamont pass into dublin pleasanton, highway 4 westbound and 880 southbound past the airport and on to 238. 6:40. mitt romney makes it to the white house today. the meeting takes place
6:40 am
between president obama and his former republican challenger. trading underway on wall street now. here's a live look at the big board, the dow is up 48 points. investors closely monitoring lawmakers as they try to avert that fiscal cliff. you can see the dow up possibly optimism with secretary geithner meeting with senate leaders today. we give live to the new york stock ex
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good thursday morning i'm meteorologist lisa argen. starting out with live doppler, wet roads in the north bay from cloverdale to clear lake it is very light rain but the showers are around from
6:43 am
fremont into the south bay we are looking at very light returns this will be the case throughout much of the day today as we wait in anticipation for this next stronger storm system to head our way it to bring more rain, gusty winds and it will last through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. this morning, through the afternoon light showers and a little break out there, with breezy winds. 6:43. >> time to check with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." to g.
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do not miss a minute all coming up on "good morning america". >> josh tell scottie he's the bravest man i've ever seen. >> i agree. scottie eric says you are the bravest man he's ever seen.
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>> thank you! >> also the trimmest now. >> man spanx for everyone, manx for christmas. >> tell lara she is welcome any time. >> lara, they love you too. [ talking over each other ] >> everybody thanks, see you later. more news now, los gatos police released new video of a brazen julie store robbery two men rushed into the -- jewelry store robbery two men rushed into the store tuesday one man pointing a gun at customers and employs, another smashed display cases -- and employees, another smashed the display case with a hammer. officers found the vehicle but the stolen jewelry and robbers were gone. oakland police still looking for a missing girl with autism. 16-year-old shyanne white's
6:46 am
father believes she was lured from the care home where she lives by a group of boys. murder of of two teenaged girls in oakland this week has uncovered -- under cored the growing fear that criminals are getting bolder. 15-year-old raquel gerstel and her 16-year-old friend bobbie sartain were gunned down. shooting has left family members and friends hurting and looking for answers. >> when i within to the coroner's office i couldn't -- when i went to the core 's office, i wouldn't believe it was my daughter. >> my daughter wasn't where she was supposed to be. i begged and pleaded with her to stay off the streets of oakland. she was supposed to be at a friend's house. it is bad out there in oakland right now. >> two and a half miles from the murder scene in this elementary school, residents gathered last night for a
6:47 am
briefing by police. they talked about the spike in crime, including brazen armed robberies in broad day president obama welcomes mitt romney to the white house for a private lunch today, the first time the two have met since the electric. it willful fill a promise mr. obama made during his victory speech. the white house says there is no specific agenda for meeting. 6:47. that going to be in the news as well. also bacon lovers may want to know about this. jane king live at the new york stock exchange. more talks today aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff. time geithner going to capitol hill to meet with leaders of the highways and -- leaders of the house and senate. meantime, a report coming out a few minutes on october pending home sales investors
6:48 am
will be watching that. stocks this morning are higher, economic growth last quarter stronger than previously thought. seems like folks on wall street, a little more optimistic there will be a budget deal reached. bloomberg index also higher. i know people like hearing about new and unusual products. there's a lot this year. bacon lovers may be happy to hear, bacon shaving cream, about $15 a jar, high end luxurious bacon scented shaving creep for all skin types best used after a hot shower or before a date you my -- they make other bacon products. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> you take bacon with you into eternity, jane thank you.
6:49 am
>> just don't wear that shaving cream going out on a date with a vegetarian or something. ugh! >> oatmeal after bacon the next day helps. >> haven't heard that. >> i don't think so. good morning. we are looking at a nice start to the day, we are looking at breezy winds and the rain is being held to the north for the time being. mild once again and southeast winds cranking up, heavier rain holding off until later hours tonight. live doppler 7 hd showing shower activity in clear lake, lake county and cobb mountain, cloverdale, highway 101, wet here, very light rain, more rain in the east bay. be careful if you are headed into and out of fremont, hayward, in and around the south bay, we'll see this at this time throughout the day, spotty showers are going to be in advance of this next system that sinks south, it is big and we're talking about more
6:50 am
rain than what we picked up before, still gusty winds up to 45 miles an hour overnight tonight, impacting your morning commute friday. 59 now in fremont, 58 mountain view, half moon bay visibility three, four miles no airport delays, next storm focuses north, then spreads south tonight, tomorrow morning good deal of shower activity saturday. third and final system late saturday into sunday, creating flood concerns for friends up in the russian river, looking at perhaps flood stage up to 19, 20 feet by sunday morning. satellite and radar, plenty of cloud cover much of california is dry now except for the north coast, raining in mount has you know it is warm then, heavy rain -- mount shasta, you know it is warm 10. this is the -- second system, stronger system this last system will provide final
6:51 am
punch, then will clear out. timeline, this afternoon most of the rain in the north bay, evening commute, more showers, still the heaviest rain in sonoma county, overnight here comes the rain pushing through right in time for the commute tomorrow, very heavy rain until 10, 11:00, then plenty of showers behind the system through saturday that's the next system on cue if you are headed out saturday night into sunday be careful we could see localized flooding with rainfall amounts just saturday, up to three inches, one to two inches in the south bay, mild through the period. good morning. live look at san mateo bridge from hayward towards san mateo nice drive, speed limit 65 miles an hour, if you are making your way towards the highrise. 55 now so still a good ride although it is under the limit there. eastbound looking good too.
6:52 am
problem in oakland northbound 880 before fruitvale, stalled big rig slow approaching the scene in the third plain from the left and chp trying to get a -- low truck there. >> san mateo mark west springs road at redwood highway east of 101 accident blocking all lanes. your waze app, 580 from the altamont pass up and over into livermore, moderate, repopulating looks like one reporter reporting heavy traffic 20 minutes ago westbound typical if you are traveling towards the altamont and into livermore dublin pleasanton free app, download it now. 6:53. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning
6:53 am
five things to know before
6:54 am
you go. number one, palo alto police searching for intruder who frightened a woman in her apartment this morning. search for the man on hold until daylight officers still on scene. the woman was not hurt. police believe it may be an isolated case. >> number two, san francisco police have a federal parolee in custody after a stand off that ended overnight. negotiators convinced him to surrender. >> number three, grab your umbrellas, another storm headed our way today. packing a stronger punch than yesterday's. cities are still offering sandbags for people in areas prone to flooding. number four, caltrans cleaning up diesel fuel spill in san leandro after the driver of a dump truck crashed into a used car lot on east 14th street near 162nd avenue. the crash damaged 10 other vehicles. the driver says he sneezed and
6:55 am
lost control of his truck. he was not cited. number five, california maybe getting into the power ball state lottery. officials meet today to adopt rules to join the game already played in most states. two winning tickets were drawn last night, sold in arizona and missouri. no-win fall for us, not that -- no wayne fall for us, not that kind of wind. >> breezy winds the day cloverdale looking at showers east bay dublin, 580 light showers, vero that road towards hayward and -- south bay a little wet weather around murphy avenue and downtown san jose scattered showers with us, then they become more concentrated throughout the afternoon, in the 60s for the afternoon highs by the evening, moderate to heavy rain through the
6:56 am
overnight hours into friday morning is the second storm system. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lightsr├│a on, carpool lanes getting by, sluggish upper deck heading into san francisco highway 24 snaking through orinda and livermore towards the caldecott tunnel moving from walnut creek, i just checked, 12 minute drive looks like at the limit. one problem spot, northbound 880 fruitvale and oakland -- in oakland, stalled big rig under 10 miles an hour. give yourself extra time. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. [ unintelligible ] . have a great day, stay dry.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, winners in the richest powerball jackpot ever. at least two people waking up multimillionaires right now. striking gold and splitting almost $600 million. we're live from the luckiest spots in america. double-threat. two more major storms set to wallop the west coast.
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